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Frequently-Asked Questions

Are Fireworks Allowed? Sparklers are allowed; makes a beautiful "Farewell!" (only exception is during burn-ban)

Vendor Policy? We offer flexibility on Vendors, with a great list of Approved Vendors for everything!  But if there's someone you're excited about who's not on our list, let us know~ we're happy to consider new vendors who meet our standards and requirements.  And we allow BYOB. We do require that your DJ and BARTENDER be chosen from our great list.


Do You Require a Wedding Coordinator? We include one! She's exclusive to our venue, so she knows it inside and out.  She'll make you so glad you have one, and offers options for upgrading to Month-Of or Full-Service Planning! Have  one of your own? Let us know --- we 'd love to work with yours, too!

Do You Require Security?   We do not automatically require (nor do we provide) security; it may be necessary based on your plans, which can be determined as you get closer to your date.

What's Your Pet Policy? Animals are frequently approved on a case-by-case basis, so just contact us about that! 

What's the Maximum Capacity? While we have room for more, we like to accommodate up to about 200 guests

Parking? Ample parking is provided across from WindSong Barn, behind WindSong Pavilion, and additional vendor parking is also available. Spaces are also provided at the lodging per lodging agreements.  We can accommodate 16-passenger sprinter-type vehicles as well.

What about Music? Unamplified or acoustic music is always allowed both indoors and out; amplified music is allowed outdoors within specified limits and timeframes.

Is there a speaker for music? We include a portable PA System for your use.  

Do you include Setup?  Yes! When your or your party arrives on your Big Day, the indoor venue will be set up with all dining tables, chairs, and any large provided or rental items in place. Ceremony site benches will be in place as well.   We do the break-down, too.  Your just need to have your personal items out by the end of your rental timeframe.   

May I Bring My Own Decor?  Sure! We have some guidelines in place for safety and to avoid damage, but you can certainly bring in your own items to customize for your event! 


OTHER QUESTIONS?  Give us a Call or Drop us a line.  We're happy to help.  

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